Design Treasure Box

Print Design

Being a great freelance designer is a matter of exceptional skills and dedication to creating an outstanding product that speaks to your client’s target audience.


A dazzling collection of the Web’s most beautiful typography that will inspire you and provide you with a lot of free fonts that have amazing quality.

  • FontSquirel: The largest collection of hand-selected free fonts online. The site has a great filter for finding the right font for your needs. Designers are free to use these fonts for both personal & commercial projects.
  • FontFabric: The work of the Bulgarian typography designer Svet Simov, Font Fabric is the most impressive collection of quality fonts that you can find on the Web. The site contains 90 free fonts, most of which support the Cyrillic alphabet. Personal and commercial use is available for free.
  • Google Fonts: Google’s free font selection offers over 900 fonts for print & Web projects with a free license. Google Fonts allows you to filter font by width, style, and slant for the best searching experience. Commercial use is allowed for all the fonts in the Google Fonts library.
  • MediaLoot: Just a small part of the many freebies offered by MediaLoot that presents a good set of unique fonts to add to your design resource bookmarks.
  • Free Goodies For Designers: A set of some great, custom-made fonts with a unique style that are free for commercial use without use. The site offers a lot more freebies that are presented in the next categories.
  • FreebiesBug: This font collection features some lovely hand-written, custom font designs.
  • Letterhead Fonts: An exquisite collection of old, classical letterhead fonts for your vintage design project. Take advantage of these one-of-a-kind ornamented fonts and gather inspiration for your next project with the marvelous thumbnail images & designs that accompany each font.
  • The Freebies Bay: Dive into the world of modern typography with these sleek fonts by The Freebies Bay. The site offers a wide variety of font styles from different authors and is a great source for additional graphic resources, as well.
  • Inspiration Hut: Here, you can find some great hand-crafted fonts as well as some awesome additional free design resources.


Layer Effects

Create great designs in Photoshop with these lovely layer styles and text effects. When combined with some of the exquisite free fonts offered above, this collection of free design resources will save you time on your Photoshop design projects and will help easily create amazing typography artwork.

  • Graphics Burger: Enjoy an awesome collection of commercial-free text effects that can help you make a beautiful and eye-catching title within minutes.
  • Pixel Mustache: A new rising star in the free design resource sphere that offers a great selection of text effects along with many other freebies that you shouldn’t miss. Choose from a variety of unique layer styles and create a fabulous neon sign text, a movie-inspired glitch title, a rusted metal typography poster, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Photoshop Layer Styles: One of the veterans among the free layer styles resource hubs that will surprise you with a great selection of free vintage text effects and amazing Photoshop layer styles.




Infuse your design projects with crisp realism with this selection of free textures. Featuring some of the greatest design sources on the Web, this collection of websites will provide you with tens of thousands of high-quality textures of natural and artificial surfaces that can help you create striking designs with a raw, realistic look.

  • Brusheezy: One of the most popular sources for free brushes will astonish you with a large set of crisp textures from a variety of surfaces.
  • TextureMate: An amazing free textures source that hosts an abundance of textures from all kinds of surfaces. These textures are great for 3D design as well as creative graphics design.
  • TextureLib: Another fantastic selection of free textures suitable for 3D modeling. TextureLib offers more than 6600 unique texture files and is a one-stop shop for Web, print and motion graphics designers.
  • Lost & Taken: Enjoy over 132 pages of high-quality, commercial-free texture files available in a wide range of types. The textures are separated in 30 categories and will amaze you with their crisp look and rich colors.
  • Graphics Fuel: An exquisite selection of sleek texture images for modern designers, suitable for both minimalist and vintage design projects.
  • Arsenal GoMedia: Take advantage of this great graphic elements bundle, including vectors, brushes and lots more. The cherry of GoMedia’s freebie pack is their beautiful texture selection that feature a great diversity of texture types, from smoke and liquid to watercolor and skin closeup photography.
  • WeGraphics: Enjoy over 300 high-quality textures from a wide diversity of sources with WeGraphics’s awesome freebies collection.
  • Graphics Burger: The big star in the current free design resource competition will spoil your designer senses with a selection of grunge and minimalist textures that are great for background images, including ones for 3d modeling.
  • Textures: The place to find all sorts of quality textures that can help you design awesome 3D models, create inspiring collages and realistic photo manipulations.




Get an abundance of free patterns with this awesome collection of free design resource websites. They will present you some of the most detailed and well-crafted free patterns on the Internet.

  • Subtle Patterns: The one-stop shop for free patterns that delivers a great variety of detail-rich patterns from designers all around the world. Download your favorite image or contribute with one of your own in Subtle Pattern’s lovely community of pattern lovers.
  • Graphics Fuel: Presenting you a small, unique collection of free patterns and great designs.
  • Free Goodies For Designers: Free patterns are just a small part of what this lovely freebies hub offers. Check out the website for more commercial-free design resources.



Clip Art & Design Elements

These lovely design resource websites will provide you with a great deal of free clip art images and quality resources you can use for your commercial and personal projects.

  • Old Design Shop: Owned by Julie, a vintage enthusiast and design lover that joyfully shares her lovely collection of vintage clip art and textures on her unique website for all things old and beautiful.
  • Pixel Scrapper: Start your own digital scrapbook with Pixel Scrapper’s one-of-a-kind design elements collection. Become part of a loving community of DIY enthusiasts and designers and share your scrapbooking materials with them.
  • Designer Candies: If you’re looking for a way to infuse realism into your graphic designs, you should definitely check out the freebies section of Designer Candies. This site offers a unique selection of 3D rendered images of a variety of items.
  • MediaMilitia: The place to find all sorts of 3D rendered images for your 2D designs. Choose from a variety of elements, including lens flares, liquid ink photography, rendered typograph, textures, particles and many more.



Finding the perfect photo to match your design or writing is not an easy task. This impressive selection of free photography sources will help you quickly locate an abundance of royalty-free stock photos that you can use on your blog or implement in your designs.

  • Pexels: A large free photography resource base that delivers high-end images with excellent quality.
  • The Stocks: This website curates a selection of artist photography websites that offers free images. It’s a convenient way to search through different sites.
  • Photo Pin: Another free photography resource leader that allows users to search through a huge database of quality photos from Flickr’s Creative Commons library.
  • Pond5: Enjoy this amazing premier library of royalty-free design resources and search through a wide selection of free images.
  • LibreShot: A great website for free photography, registered under the CC0 Public Domain image license that allows free commercial and personal use without attribution.
  • Freepik Photos: Freepik is one of the most popular free design resource libraries on the Web. Its collection of free photography features lots of unique, quality images that shouldn’t be missed by any designer.
  • RaumRout: The authentic photography provider offers high quality images that are free for commercial use.
  • Gratisography: One amazing project by Belle Designs that features royalty-free, high definition photography, shot by Ryan McGuire. The images library is updated weekly and is free of license restrictions.
  • ISO Republic: Large database of images, separated in a variety of categories to help you easily find the image you need.
  • Free Food Photos: Enjoy a mouth-watering collection of food photography registered under the CC 3.0 license, which allows the use of the delicious photos for full attribution.
  • Foodies Feed: Get a monthly update with the latest free food photography by Foodies Feed and subscribe to their newsletter. The site offers more than 900 free food photos.
  • Death Of The Stock Photo: An amazing photography hub that delivers a great variety of high-end stock photography for free.
  • FreeJPG: Another awesome library of free stock photos that are allowed for both personal and commercial use.
  • Unsplash: One of the most popular destinations for free photography that delivers first-class images without attribution requirements.
  • Resplashed: A free photography collection similar to Unsplash that will surprise you with a great set of free photos.
  • Realistic Shots: This amazing project by Henry Reyes delivers a fantastic collection of free photos with high resolutions and commercial-free license. There are 7 images added each week and the quality of the photos goes beyond the usual stock photo style delivering a truly realistic set of images.
  • Pic Jumbo: Great image database with lots of different images from a list of categories.
  • Visual Hunt: This nifty image library allows users to search photos by color and tags and delivers a great collection of free images.
  • Large Photos: Looking for really high-definition photos? This short list guarantees you high quality and large images in a beautiful photography collection.
  • Duelling Pixels: The ultimate source for free photography that provides a set of high-resolution images.
  • Free Images Bank: Another free photography file source worth mentioning that offers great quality in over 21 pages of free stock photos.
  • Imcreator FREE: This website is a curated collection of free graphic design resources which has a great selection of photos.
  • Startup Stock Photos: Searching for the perfect photo to match your startup article? Search no more, Startup Stock Photos will provide you will everything you need to create a great startup design.
  • Splitshire: A free photo library not to be missed by any designer who searches for free photos online.
  • Kaboom Pics: An awesome design source with free photos that updates its database daily with a new round of great images.
  • Creativevix: A small library of free travel photography. The website has no search function or categories, but the photos in it are definitely worth a visit.
  • Foter: This website will spare you the work of attributing authors manually by offering you a nifty embed option. It hosts over 220 million free photos registered under the Creative Commons.




There are many sources for icons online, yet, what these websites offer can’t be found anywhere on the Web.

  • The Noun Project: A handy database of over 120,000 free icons licensed under the CC 3.0 license. The website allows you to use and share your own icons with the community.
  • Free Goodies For Designers: You wouldn’t be able to find a better free icon collection that this one. Choose from a variety of types, from interior to food and lifestyle.
  • IconMonstr: Enjoy more than 3300 free simple icons in over 250 collections.
  • Flaticon: This website is famous for its amazing icon library filter, great collection of free quality icons and the flexibility of allowing users to choose to download their selected icons in a specific color, size and file type.
  • IconFinder: A wonderful collection of icons with a free section that features some great icon designs.




Browse through a selection of breath-taking time-lapse videos and get lost in this digital heaven of high-resolution free stock footage that will amaze you with its ground-breaking 4k quality and a vast selection of video types.

  • Video Pexels: The free photo giant Pexels has recently launched its own free video library. Pexel’s videos collection is one of the largest video collections on the Web and features some of the best video files you can find online and use without attribution.
  • Videezy: Enjoy an abundance of free HD stock footage – Videezy can offer you a lot of 4k videos from a variety of categories.
  • xStockVideo: Another great free video source not to be missed by anyone who’s searching for free video for your personal projects.
  • Motion Elements: Looking for a great free source with HD videos, animation, motion graphics, after effects, 3D footage and lots more.
  • Videvo: Take advantage of some of the most amazing free HD footage you can find on the Internet and use it in return of attribution. Videvo hosts a great deal of quality videos which have a simple license that allows you to easily use them in your design projects.



UI Design

A wonderful source of inspiration and free content for Web and app developers that provides everything you need to create the next big thing on the internet.

  • Okilla: Okilla is the one-stop shop for free UI, Web and app design templates. With an abundance of user interface elements, mockups, typography, and codes, this site will help you quickly get on track with your project’s design.
  • GraphicsBurger: Mentioned several times in this article, Graphics Burger will deliver you a unique selection of commercial-free UI elements that simply can’t be missed.
  • Media Loot: Another great place to find free UI kits and web templates. Go ahead and check it out.
  • UI Fest: A specialized website for all things UI that will surprise you with an excellent selection of free user interface templates.
  • Premium Pixels: This site offers a nice library of free UI templates.
  • DB Freebies: Here, you can discover some amazing free UI templates as well as a great variety of fonts, icons, mock-ups and more.



Print Design

If you’re in the print design business, you’ll love this small selection of amazing print templates. These free design resources will provide you with everything you need to create a great print design project.

  • Media Loot: If you’re searching for quality templates for your print design project, look no further. Media Loot offers some of the best print design kits in the digital marketplace and they are absolutely free.
  • Flyer Heroes: A hidden gem in the print templates sector which will provide you with a lot of free flyer templates with amazing design.
  • Pixeden: The place to visit for high-quality print designs. Pixeden offers a vast array of free design resources in six categories.
  • Zippy Pixels: Another great source of free design content for your print design projects.




Now, you’ll never need to go through an endless list of websites to find the most suitable mock-up for your next project. These websites do not only provide an abundance of high-quality mockup templates, but their files are also completely free.

  • Alien Valley: One of the largest free mock-up libraries you can find on the Internet.
  • Designer’s Best Friend: Specialized in mock-up design, this site will provide you with a lot of excellent mock-up resources.
  • Free Goodies For Designers: Another rising star in the mock-up design sector that offers some amazing free resources.
  • GraphicsBurger: This unique mock-up collection will amaze you with its exquisite quality and a broad variety of mock-up templates. Graphics Burger also hosts a wide array of additional design elements that can help any designer create a beautiful art project without wasting days on perfecting every element by himself.
  • TinyDesigner: A wonderful place to find free mock-ups online that should not be missed.
  • PlaceIt: Collection of great iPhone mockups and high-quality demo videos.



Vector Design

If Adobe Illustrator is your design software of choice, you’ll love the brilliant *.Ai and *.Esp templates that these awesome websites offer for free.

  • Freepik Vectors: If you’re on the hunt for free vector elements and design templates, Freepik is the place to visit. It has the largest database of high-quality design resources registered with the CC 3.0 license.
  • PixelBuddha Vectors: Pixel Buddha will provide you with a couple of hand-drawn vector elements that simply can’t be missed.
  • Retro Vectors: Looking for some retro clip art, vintage frames, and detailed vector ornaments? Retro Vectors is a unique place for finding all things retro, so go ahead and check it out.
  • Free Vector Maps: An awesome source for free vector maps that allows you free use with attribution.



PSD Design

This impressive collection of free PSD templates will help you create beautiful designs on Photoshop within minutes.

  • Freepik PSD Files: If you’re looking for some good PSD templates for your next Photoshop project, you should check Freepik’s PSD section.
  • Psddd: This handy website uses an automated file fetching system for locating PSD freebies on Dribble via the “psddd” tag. It is a great alternative to searching by hand through the billions of projects on Dribble.
  • CSS Author: Here, you can find some amazing PSD freebies from a variety of categories.
  • Freebies Bug: Another honorable mention for Freebies Bug for its free library of PSD templates.



3D Modeling

Get high-quality models for your 3D designs from this broad selection of free 3D design resource websites.

  • The Pixel Lab: Fill your resources library with some lovely free 3D models from The Pixel Lab.
  • Ronen Bekerman: Enjoy some of the best 3D models you can find on the Internet in the freebies section of Ronen Bekerman.
  • Daz3: A great source for 3D model freebies that updates its library weekly with new items.
  • Viz Peopl: A wonderful free resource hub for 3d models and elements.
  • Flying Architecture: Get some quality architecture and interior 3d models from Flying Architecture’s amazing freebies section.



Web Development

This handy collection of HTML, CSS, and JS templates along with a vast selection of widgets, sliders, and UI resources is the developer’s best friend when it comes to Web & app design.

  • FreebiesBug Codes: Widgets, sliders, and jQuery carousels are among the many free resources you can find here.
  • DesignMaz HTML & CSS: A great HTML and CSS library with lots of free resources.
  • Okilla’s Codes Section: This Web & app UI resource hub also offers some amazing HTML5, CSS3, and JS templates.
  • Templated: The website offers free CSS & HTML templates under the Creative Commons.
  • HTML5up: Free HTML website templates which are free to use for personal and commercial use.
  • Cody House: A great library of free JS, CSS and HTML nuggets.