20 thoughts on “Xmas Lights

  1. Hi, the lights are just over the menu and I can not click on links. Is there any fix to avoid this?

  2. Welcome to our Christmas lights page. This is an animated gallery of strings of holiday lights, blinking and colorful.

  3. Love the plug-in and it’s almost perfect. However, a problem exists though when viewing it on an iPhone. You can’t click the menu “navigation because the lights hang down too far. Any help on this? Can there be an option to turn off with mobile devices?

    1. Hi Matt,

      If you go edit the very bottom of the plugin file, putting this if statement around the add_action()…it should turn it off for mobile (it did for me):

      if (!wp_is_mobile()) {

      Take care,


      P.S. The reason I did it was that, other than the front page, it caused pages to size incorrectly…

  4. Would love to see a RedNeck version, you know one where the lights are off, a few broken ones and you leave them up till mid September. Would go well with my house.. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks for the great plugin! The Christmas light were a huge hit on our blog. lots of positive comments. Would love to see on/off or deacitvate on date function option.

    Thanks again – X-Mas lights worked great!

  6. Nice Christmas plugin. I installed it on clavans.com, but the Xmas lights come behind the logo and the menu bar. In order to avoid that it was behind the menu bar, I change the offset with 30 pixels in the php file so it would look a little better, but it is still behind the logo. I use the Weaver Theme.

    Is there a way to get the Xmas lights to be on the top (over the menu bar and the logo)?


      1. Thanks for quick reply.

        Changing the z-index, is that something I can do with adding a code line in the php file? If yes, what should that code line be?

        Thanks again.

          1. Yea the doanlowd link doesn’t seem to be working. Great job though, can’t wait to try it out.

  7. Hello, nice!!!! i installed and it looks awesome!!!
    the only problem is that instead of appearing on top, it appears on bottom..
    could you help me out?


    MC and a HNY!!!!

      1. Thnaks!!!!
        but exactly the same!! i have tryed differents themes, and it seems that with the MYSTIQUE theme the lights show at the bottom and with the rest of the themes not. Could you be so kind and take a look!!!
        MC and a HNY!!!
        and thanks for the fast response!!!!

        1. Very nice! Is it psolibse to add commands in the menu. As f.ex. go full screen? This can be usefull in autotours.

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